UBC Bottle Cap

What  gets wasted 300 Million times a year? If you guessed plastic you are correct! You don’t need to throw out plastic when you’re done using it. You can make something out of it for example. I have created a new kind of bottle cap that is easier and more useful than normal ones. It’s called U.B.C. It stands for Useful Bottle Cap. It is called U.B.C because it is more useful than normal bottle caps. You should DEFINITELY buy my U.B.C bottle cap

You are definitely missing out if you’re not buying it. It is a real life changer. You can use it on any kind of bottle, just get the kind that is perfect for you! It opens better, it closes better, and it even has a smaller chance to spill, unlike normal bottle caps. I don’t know why people throw out plastic when you could make something out of it. 

People don’t care about wasting plastic, it’s ruining the environment and killing sea creatures. We have to stop. The way to do that is NOT by throwing out plastic when you’re done with it. Make something out of it, do something   useful with it. I could tell you so many reasons why you should not throw out plastic but I will be going on forever. 

    All I’m saying is that people should stop throwing plastic out, it makes no sense why they would and we need them to stop. If you’re someone who throws out plastic, you are killing the ocean and it’s not fair. WE HAVE TO MAKE A CHANGE! 

Here is a photo of my design: