Innovation Day Science Project

My Innovation Day project is based on the Grade 4 science unit of Pulleys. We have learnt about fixed and moveable pulleys. I used a fixed pulley system for my project because it was on a sick so it was not a movable pulley.

For my hypothesis, I said: “I think it might work because of the total of four pulleys. Three big ones and one small one. The big pulleys connect to each other. They do that because when the stick gets pulled, it pulls the pulleys that pull the road up. The small pulley connects the stick to the big pulleys.”

This is a video for how to make a simple drawbridge:

Here are my results:

My conclusion is:                                                                                                                      My hypothesis was incorrect because I realised that the only way to connect the pulleys to the structure was to either hot glue it to one of the sides or to tape it. They both would have made it unable to spin/move/turn.

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                                                      LIGHT WAVES

Light Travels through light waves, depending on the surface that the light wave hits on too, it can either reflect or end the wave. Normally in man_made structures, when they have light, they use wires to hold the light waves in place. If they don’t use wires for the light waves, the waves will activate lights when not attended to. Also, when you use light switches, they activate the light wave that goes through the wires and hits the light that we want.

                                                        OUR EXPERIMENT                                                                                                                            How Light Reflects

What we did was we took clay, cards x3, a flashlight, and some mirrors. The idea was to make the flashlight hit the three bullseyes on the card. What I did to make it work was, I put mirrors all around the cards so it could not go anywhere besides the mirror or the bullseye. This is a video to show you my work.