Legend Writing

Once upon a time, there was a huge village called Bobby Store. Bobby Store had very new technology like vibranium. Bobby Store had an evil king. The king was named King Bobby. Before King Bobby came to Bobby Store, he lived in China with his mom. Now that King Bobby was in Bobby Store he lived in a palace. The place looked big, long, tall, and strong. It looked like it has been through wars and has survived. The palace had a massive basement that had thousands of trophies that he had stolen. He also made his palace stronger by using money from gambling.

The problem was that the village was at war. This was because they had the newest technology and the world was jealous. The only way for the people to stay safe was to come to King Bobby’s palace. They did not want to stay with the evil king because they were worried that the king world do something terrible to them.

The village people tried to place traps around the palace, but the problem was that the other town would see the traps and just walk around them. They had to figure out another way to stop them.

Then a hero named WaterChicken came to Bobby Store to help them with the war. WaterChicken was strong and tall. People thought he could help them. WaterChicken had a plan. His plan was to use some of the vibranium that they had, so, they could make a big wall so intruders can not get in. In the end the other town just used a ladder to get over the wall.

BobbyStore people gave some of their vibranium to the other town so they would not be under attack. They also shared their technology to the rest of the world.

BobbyStore and the whole world lived happily ever after. From that day since they never had a war again. They made friends with the world.